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  • What in the word does a Chamber of Commerce do? August 28, 2023
    If you walked into a crowded room and asked the question in the title of this article, what would you expect to hear?   The chamber of commerce is like the government, right?   No, it keeps track of business complaints.   No, they’re like greeters for the community. Like the Welcome Wagon.   They’re… […]
  • Grow Your Business Socially July 31, 2023
    If you’re old enough, you likely remember your parents addressing the issues of group think. Maybe they said, “Monkey see, monkey do.” Perhaps you were trying to win an argument by telling them how you’re the only person not allowed to do something, to which they replied, “If everyone jumped off of a bridge, would… […]
  • Save a Small Business This Holiday Season November 9, 2022
    It’s officially Small Business Season and that means it’s time to give a little love to small business. With rising interest rates, soaring costs, and online competition, small businesses are feeling the crunch. This season, do a little extra for your neighbors and make a concerted effort to shop small. If you do, you could… […]
  • It’s Time to Really Start Talking Cybersecurity March 17, 2022
    At the risk of sounding like Chicken Little (you know the one who runs around talking about the sky falling) the current global “go-ings on” are the closest we’ll ever get to advanced warning that cybersecurity is something every business needs to worry about. Big or small, selling globally or just in your tiny town,… […]
  • This Week’s Tip: Ways to Promote Your Event August 3, 2021
    Do you have an event or promotion coming up? There are several ways to spread the word to get people there. Here are a few free or inexpensive options to consider: Submit your event to the Terrell Chamber online calendar of events. These events appear on our website, in our weekly email newsletter, and on our… […]
  • Tip Tuesday: 80/20 Rule for Social Media July 27, 2021
    Do you follow the 80/20 rule for social media posts? 80% of what you post should be educational, entertaining or something of value for your audience. Only 20% of your posts should be self-promotional. Posts that are not about your business tend to get more engagement, which helps your content reach. It also helps ensure… […]
  • Member Tip: Spotlight Your Business July 20, 2021
    For a couple of years now we've been spotlighting member businesses in our bi-monthly Chamber Spotlight newsletter. That publication is produced and distributed by the Terrell Tribune. In that format, we can only Spotlight a few at a time. So this year we began weekly Facebook Spotlight posts. This allows us to share member businesses'… […]
  • Member Tip: Join our Private Facebook Group July 13, 2021
    Did you know we have a Facebook Group exclusive to Chamber members?  The members-only, private group was created as an additional way for us to communicate with our members about upcoming networking opportunities, membership benefits, community events, and other membership-related items. It also allows you to ask business-related questions of the group (i.e. what accounting system do… […]
  • The Summer of New July 7, 2021
      The past year gave us many opportunities to evaluate and change the way we do things at the Terrell Chamber of Commerce.  For instance, the July 4th celebration offered new attractions and a new location.  After decades of hosting fireworks at Ben Gill Park, we relocated to Terrell Municipal Airport and added hot air… […]
  • Member Tip: Submit Hot Deals & Promotions July 6, 2021
    Do you have a special promotion you want to spread the word about? Or perhaps you'd like to offer a special deal to fellow Chamber members. It's simple to do! You can submit your "Hot Deals" through the Member Information Center. Once approved, they'll appear on our website and in our weekly email newsletter. View… […]